Best Android Based VOD Service on the Net


Even if your not looking for a top quality VOD service that provides excellent quality streams for movies and TV shows you should still check this out with a 48 hour free trial.

No adverts!!!

It is the best App currently available on the market and delivers speedy results for any movie or tv show your looking for. You can of course use the menus to browse categories and genres. Even if your not looking for a particular movie you are bound to find something watch. There are no nasty ads like you get with movie websites. No dodgy ads = no viruses.

Best vod app for android
Thousands of Movies and TV Shows

This is like all of the big streaming providers rolled into one. Prices are £15 for 12 months which is well worth it. But for users who use the code 5EROFF can get it for £10.

Send a message here: freelivesports to get your free 48hr trial – And don’t worry its not difficult to install or use this app, we will help you with just a few steps.

If after the free trial you want to extend to a 12 mnth subscription then great. If not then that’s great too. Its your choice and that’s fine.

Once you have gotten your trail log in you will enter it into the app.

VOD Cinema Pro App Log In

Then you are free to browse categories or search for any particular title that you need.

Browse through titles using the menu

Obviously there are some steps to installing the App but as i said earlier you’ll be helped through the process. Its not difficult at all.

As said above it is an Android based app which means it works on things like firestick, android tv boxes, smart tv’s and mobile devices. It will also work on desktop using bluestacks.

Get your free trial here: freelivesports